“Yandex” is now able to predict the accident

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The creators of "Yandex" has taught his child a new skill – predicting traffic jams and road accidents. Their "predictions", the system displays on an interactive map, updated in real time. About it reported in a press-service "Yandex".

A special system was developed by Yandex Data Factory project by the order of Federal road Agency. While the program is running in test mode, but already now can help avoid trouble on the roads. The system sees approximately 2196 kilometres of roads, divided into certain periods. For data plots for an hour in advance is calculated the average speed, in addition, at 4 hours predicted probability of an accident.

According to first tests, in accordance with the real statistics of road traffic accidents, accidents at sites marked by "Yandex", 30 times higher than the other. In addition, this system will be useful to municipal services. For example, in the presence of the road "forecast", utilities will be able to effectively plan the movement of special vehicles for street cleaning.

Creating a system that the developers take into account different data on the roads in recent years. We used data on traffic congestion, the base marks the accident on "Yandex. Cards", took into account data on the road surface, number of lanes, markings. Through careful analysis of these data was possible to find out the main causes of traffic jams and emergency situations and to train the system to "predict" such a situation.

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