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12 of August. To buy apartment in a mortgage and won't break the Bank on a monthly payments on average in Russia are only a family of three with total income of at least 54 thousand rubles per month, calculated experts. According to Rosstat of the Russian Federation, in the first half of 2016, the average salary in Russia amounted to about 35 thousand rubles.

The largest income should be available to those who wish to purchase housing in Moscow – 107 thousand rubles in St. Petersburg – 86 thousand roubles. This income is 1.5 times higher than the average wage in these regions. At the other end of the rating Kalmykia, where it is enough to have a salary in the amount of 28 thousand rubles, in the Smolensk region – 29,5 thousand rubles. in Bryansk region – 30,7 thousand roubles. The average wage in the regions 22-24 thousand.

Calculations for the purchase of a typical two-bedroom apartment in the city was made by analysts of the Bank "DeltaCredit". The loan term is 15 years, the rate is 12.5%, the initial contribution – 30%. According to analyst Ilya Alexandrov, the calculations of the conditional, but they will help the residents of different regions of Russia to estimate what should be their family income to afford the monthly mortgage payments.

mortgage, whether to take a mortgage, what level of income needed to get a mortgage, mortgage rates, mortgage Russia, what kind of income you can take out a mortgage

"There is a rule: the smaller the borrower's earnings, the smaller the share of income you can borrow to service the debt so as not to overload the family budget. If your salary is 40 thousand rubles a month, at least half of this amount should be left for daily needs, - says the expert. – If we are talking about income in 100 thousand roubles, on repayment of the loan may be sent no more than 60% of income.

According to Ilya Alexandrov mortgages usually take family people, respectively, for banks, their income is the total wages of both spouses. Some banks at registration of the housing credit attract up to 3 co-borrowers.

The Director of the Institute for social policy, national research UNIVERSITY "Higher school of Economics Sergey Smirnov recalls that the average salary of Russians today, according to Rosstat, is about 36 thousand rubles a month, and even if two people in the family working, spending half the family income for payment of mortgages, to survive the remaining 18 thousand is very difficult. Therefore, most of the couples on the mortgage can only dream of, said Sergey Smirnov. Reduce mortgage rates with the help of government programs is not infinite, said Smirnov.

"In this case, to lose will be those who do not need a mortgage, the funds will be removed from the pockets of other taxpayers," says the Director of the Institute for social policy Lilia Ovcharova.

To impose the program to commercial organizations, too dangerous. The reduced rate will move to other types of loans, and that means rates will rise for other categories of borrowers. According to Sergei Smirnov, currently reserves for potential borrowers to them. "If people have property, and they can use it to pay the loan, then the problem is solved and mortgage can work effectively with a small income," - says Smirnov.

According to the Professor of the Department of labour and social policy, Ranepa Alexander Pedde to mortgage loans became popular and affordable, they need to issue for a period of not less than 20 years and not more than 3-5% per annum. "Long-term lending involves the stability of the banks is profitable for them to keep the money in the loan for as long as possible, and for borrowers monthly interest not hitting the pocket, citizens enjoy the benefits of your home and slowly pay off the loan," says Pedde. The Professor proposes to set the rates depending on the area of housing, and the availability of guarantors.

mortgage, whether to take a mortgage, what level of income needed to get a mortgage, mortgage rates, mortgage Russia, what kind of income you can take out a mortgage

Meanwhile, according to Ilya Alexandrov, mortgage in the country is becoming more accessible. In 2015 year has seen a market growth of 45%. "8 – 10 years ago the mortgage was a product for people with above-average incomes", - said the expert. Mortgage the lowest level of delay. An average of only 3%. For other types of loans overdue more than 5 - 6 times.

"First, higher level of responsibility, because the apartment remains in pledge at Bank, - the expert explains. – Second, the interest rate on a mortgage loan is less than for consumer. And people try to pay on time. Moreover extinguish a mortgage ahead of schedule, which reduces the size of the debt. For early repayment of the loan borrowers are looking for additional earnings".

A surge of wanting to buy a real estate mortgage experts explain the state support programme, which was launched in 2015 and reduced interest rates on mortgages in new buildings to 12.5%.

Also helped the maternity capital in the amount of 400 thousand rubles, which the family is entitled to use for a down payment or pay off the mortgage. Also, with the purchase of the apartment with the interest on your mortgage citizens can get tax deductions. The maximum payout for a tax deduction in this case is 650 thousand rubles.

"So if you have for a down payment, plus funds of the parent capital, and can take advantage of tax deductions, mortgage programs become more relevant to you" - sums up Alexander.

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