A new kind of earnings for drivers

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12 of August. Russian motorists have found a new way of earning money, they rent their cars in the rent. That is, until the owner is at work, his car travels through the city and gives the owner an income.

Despite the obvious advantages of this trend, the experts of the "Political class" to see and cons.

The lighting of the car can be found everywhere. Especially a lot of proposals on the Internet, from message boards to social networking. The terms of such short-term contracts standard: the car needs to be back at a certain time in their original state. Sometimes owners are asked to leave a Deposit or passport, to make a lease, which is prescribed itinerary. However, you can do without such details, especially if the car is equipped with GLONASS system, and the car owner can monitor the movement of the iron horse, without leaving your chair.

Price is negotiable, it depends on the duration of the trip. In an average eight-hour day you can earn about 2 thousand rubles, according to experts. Think it's worth it for 21 working days can get more than 40 thousand rubles – not a bad increase in salary.

car rental, hourly car rental, car rental, short term rental, car sharing

Of course, in this sector of the market from private owners there are competitors – car sharing services. It is also a short-term rental, is popular in major cities around the world. Advantage of this system is that the car is not necessary to give the owner personally, you can leave at any Parking lot in town. But the disadvantage of this system is that it only works in major cities, and the fee is not for hours, but in minutes (10 rubles a minute). That is, the hour will cost 600 rubles per day – 14 thousand rubles. It is clear that the rental from private owners – more a real option.

Owners it is also beneficial because of the day you can make money not only on gasoline, but also to make a profit (e.g., for payment of the loan).

Meanwhile, according to experts "the Political class" should not rush to get involved in this risky business as car owners, and tenants. Rental cars of economy class on the day in the large firms, dealing with this kind of business, is from 1 to 4 thousand rubles, the cost depends on the city. But everything is done officially and securely.

The owners before delivery of the car it is advisable to insure your car and upgrade to a premium waiver. With the possibility of driving an unlimited circle of persons (MultiDrive). The cost of such insurance can cost more than 100 thousand rubles. The price depends on the brand of car, postulasti similar cars and other nuances.

For those who have a car bought on credit, this type of insurance is almost always mandatory, for the rest is a waste. However, if you decide to take the car to rent, it is to issue such insurance is necessary, then to not pay for scratches and other damage.

In addition, there is a possibility that the car will fall into the hands of illegal taxi driver. The result of such rent will increase depreciation of the vehicle. For comparison, a taxi in Moscow runs about 300 miles a day, in small cities – 120 of 130 km.

car rental, hourly car rental, car rental, short term rental, car sharing

Given these details, in the rental agreement it should indicate that the car will not be used as a taxi.

Interestingly, no one interviewed by the correspondent of the "Political class" of people on the street would not dare to give my car in rent, even if they rarely use it – still scared for his iron horse. According to the head of the Union of passengers Kirill Yankov, Russia, because of this, this business will never become a mass. For this kind of transaction are only risky car owners and those who have insufficient income.

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