The temporary residence permit to those who have temporary shelter

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Having received temporary asylum, foreign citizens are asking: "what do you do next?". If there is no desire to return to their homeland, the next step is obtaining permission for temporary residence. However, there is a lot of issues connected with registration of the permission for temporary residence in the presence of the temporary shelter.

Persons granted temporary asylum are entitled to obtain a temporary residence permit. In this case the identity document of the foreign citizen on the territory of Russia, will be the certificate of temporary asylum, which will bear the mark of the issuance of a temporary residence permit.

Issuance of temporary residence permit a foreign citizen or stateless person is not a circumstance serving as the basis for deprivation or loss of temporary asylum to the person concerned. In this case, a temporary shelter can protect a person from forced expulsion from the Russian Federation.

In the case where it is necessary to extend temporary asylum, the person may be issued a certificate in the approved form. If the extension of temporary asylum is denied, the person is obliged in a 10-day period to appeal to the territorial body of the FMS with the application and to submit new documents issued by a foreign government, or a valid identification document which was formerly in the territorial body of the Federal migration service in connection with the provision of temporary shelter.

The statement is made in any form. The statement indicates when, by whom and in this connection was issued a new identification document.

In a new or existing document is stamped on the granting of a temporary residence permit. In props "date of decision", "number", "name of authority" and "validity" specifies details of a previously issued permit.

Regardless of received a temporary residence permit on the basis of temporary asylum or not, the foreigner is obliged to notify the FMS about the confirmation of your actual residence in the Russian Federation with the Appendix of documents confirming the existence of income at a statutory level. The notice shall be filed within 2 months from the date of the expiration of another year of receipt of temporary residence permit.

To extend temporary asylum, in accordance with the display Order of temporary asylum on the territory of Russia, you must apply for renewal to the authority of the Federal migration service no later than 1 month before the expiry of the period of temporary asylum.

Accordingly, both of these status do not contradict each other but rather complement each other.

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