Medical help and tests for obtaining a temporary residence permit

medical certificate for RWP, medical certificate for the RWP, the RWP for the medical Board

A medical certificate is a mandatory element required for obtaining a temporary residence permit. A medical report is obtained before drawing up and sending them to the migration service an application for a TRP.

The medical certificate must confirm the absence of the applicant and threat of infectious diseases, no addiction (narcotic). The legislation establishes a list of diseases, the presence of which (if they are detected on medical examination at the sun) does not allow to issue the permit. The list includes such diseases as HIV infection, leprosy (disease Gansera), tuberculosis, chancroid, syphilis, lymphogranuloma (venereal). The identification of other diseases is not a reason for refusal in registration of temporary residence permit.

Rules that you should know

1. medical examination medical examination conducted by medical institutions;

2. a medical examination is carried out on a paid basis (access to the free medicine will be available only after completing the RWP with obtaining health insurance);

3. tests required for obtaining a temporary residence permit shall be deposited in local hospitals and clinics located in the regions where the expected future place of residence of a foreign national (the applicant);

4. on stands in the premises of the FMS provides a complete list of public medical institutions, help from are accepted by the RWP (the RWP for help, born out of medical institutions, is not included in this list, may be rejected);

5. help you also need to obtain from TB, narcological and dermatovenerologic dispensaries;

6. medical facilities will require you to present a translation of the passport;

7. the analysis for RWP is taken in STI and TB clinics (narcological usually runs just for show, by visual inspection of the hands may need to pass urine);

8. medical examination for the sun takes a detour sheet from STI clinics, drug treatment then, and after that TB dispensary;

9. medical certificate on health status issued within 7-10 days (business) after the date of the first examination.

In addition to inquiries about the status of health for the RWP will require a certificate of temporary residence is a certificate of temporary registration, which is issued on a standard form. It confirms the place of residence in Russia of a foreign citizen (the applicant).

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