Ukraine after the Maidan or what has changed over the past year

Ukraine after the Maidan, the situation in Ukraine, the results of the Maidan

2014 is an important year for Ukraine "revolution" that led to the current Ukrainian crisis. It's hard to say when everything went so wrong, the only thing safe to say is the fact that Ukraine will never be the same. Experts, commenting on the situation in Ukraine, grimly assess the prospects of the country and accomplished the results of the Maidan – a very disappointing outcome.

Protests in Kiev began on November 21, 2013, and led to the overthrow of the then President Viktor Yanukovych under the tacit approval of the European powers. Journalists and social media users have dubbed this movement "Evromaydan" by analogy with the events of the 2004 "orange revolution". The reason for the protests was the government's refusal to sign the Association agreement with the European Union.

These developments have completely changed the Ukraine. Some experts predict the imminent end of the state formation called Ukraine. Last year, the new government managed to almost completely reshape the party and political system of the country (which is only decree about the possibility of foreign citizens to occupy positions in the government of Ukraine), to change the law in the spirit of "revolution" and unleashed on their territory in a bloody civil war, a war against its population, against its own citizens.

However, it should be noted that the first blood was spilled earlier, even on Maidan, that was a shock for the whole world, because the last Maidan (2004) was peaceful. And then there was the unknown snipers and a few days (18 and 20 February) increased the death toll among the activists to a few dozen. In consequence of the Maidan propaganda labelled these snipers "Heavenly hundred". A case of shooting during the Maidan, which killed both civilians and law enforcement officials, until now no one had investigated and hardly ever will. But these events gave the leaders of the opposition a reason to force the overthrow of the incumbent and legitimate President Viktor Yanukovych, who had to flee Kiev in order to avoid death. So, came to power, the "revolutionaries", but the troubles of Ukraine are not over, they just begun.

Ukraine after the Maidan, the situation in Ukraine, the results of the Maidan

This tragedy occurred in Odessa, where a General "neo-Nazis" burned the House of trade unions where took refuge the opponents of the Kiev "revolutionaries". People just burned alive, not allowing them to leave the building. In the fire killed dozens of people (and this is only the official data). In order to reinforce the illegitimate power, the "revolutionaries" are beginning to reshape the "Heavenly hundreds" of these armed groups. In the East of Ukraine, where the actions of the Kiev "revolutionaries" were not impressed, began discussions about changing the relationship with the authorities. However, the new government to hear the East is not wanted.

As a result, the Crimea was lost to Ukraine, later rebelled Donbass. To date, much of the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions are controlled by two people's republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. Kiev does not wish to engage in constructive dialogue with these entities, because in power "party of war".

Territorial losses of Ukraine is not only, and not the main result. One of the main results: in Ukraine does not stop the bloody civil war. Ukrainian security forces, joined by "volunteer battalions" fire (including artillery, aviation, multiple-launch rocket system) peaceful objects of Donbass. Despite the truce, the attacks continue. In Kyiv residents of Donbass refused to pay benefits, pensions and salaries. Kiev also announced an economic blockade of Donbass. According to official figures there are thousands already dead (and this is only according to official data, how many of them, in fact, no one will say), hundreds of thousands of refugees.

"The main result of the previous year – one year after Euromaidan – is that the deaths of civilians in war as a result of "revolution of dignity". Killed thousands, hundreds of thousands became refugees," says Mikhail Pogrebinsky (Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology).

Ukraine held a presidential, then parliamentary elections, but the order is not added. As before, a power almost entirely in the hands of the oligarchs. The most famous of the beneficiaries of Euromaidan Igor Kolomoisky, but he is not alone benefitted from the "revolution merits." We should not forget that now the President is Petro Poroshenko – he was not a poor man in Ukraine. The new government changed the Constitution, returning, in fact, the version in force during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko. However, the Constitution means little when much of the financial resources, the government and major media resources of the country controls some people.

What has changed quite dramatically – so it's control over the region. The current government is much worse than in control regions. The country is almost divided into a sort of fief, and the big question is how they are accountable to Kiev. New education wing of the military – the National guard troops, in which some people represents a summary of the formation of radicals of different hues. What are these people after demobilization and will they voluntarily surrender their weapons is still a big question.

According to reports coming from Kiev, the city has already significantly deteriorated criminal situation. Sergey Yuldashev (Kyiv Prosecutor) stated that the city recorded 30 felonies that were committed by soldiers of the volunteer battalions. "Agree, they're unpredictable. Can a military coup to make," he added Alyona Yakhno (press Secretary). One of fighters of a battalion "Phoenix" said in an interview: "We intend to fight to the end. Otherwise, what killed our guys? If we learn that we merge, will take the weapon and go to Kyiv. Forces to replace this power we have".

Ukraine after the Maidan, the situation in Ukraine, the results of the Maidan

"Gang, now leading a civil war, not controlled by the government, but rather control the power. The President declares a truce, and they continue to fire at civilians. And declare that if they do not like it, then they overthrow this government and put a new one" - says Rostislav Ishchenko (Director of the Center for systemic analysis and forecasting).

The economy is also suffering, to blame the war and the severing of ties with Russia.

"The economy is not just bad, it simply is not. To a little to restore the economy need the state, which would be invested for minimum 5 years 100 billion dollars," - says Rostislav Ishchenko.

The September report of the International monetary Fund showed that in the economy of Ukraine in 2014, there is a significant decline: the GDP fell by about 7%. "Considering the growing budget deficit, the need for more funding for Ukraine's economy, public debt will rise from 69% to 83,25% in 2015 against the predicted early indicators in 67.5% and 73.5%" - reported in the report. This fact was recently recognized by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, however, blamed for the ills of the Ukrainian Prime Minister, of course, Russia.

Will the Ukraine as an integral state, in what condition and form it will emerge from the crisis is a tricky question. In 2014, Ukraine lost so much that the situation fit to call unless the word "catastrophe", at least "deep crisis".

"The results of 2014 for Ukraine sad: no state, no economy, nothing. Roam the country in armed gangs, not stop the civil war. To the state, necessary procedures, institutions, and not just their names. In 1918, Russia's Supreme ruler was, but Russia itself was not. Here is the same. In Dnepropetrovsk Igor Kolomoisky controls, he did not care whether the Verkhovna Rada, which it decisions are made. It controls the way you want it personally," - commented on the results Rostislav Ishchenko.

What will happen is impossible to predict. However, today it is clear – Ukraine will no longer be what it was before.


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