Abandoned cities, villages, towns, and places

abandoned cities, abandoned towns, abandoned factories, abandoned places, abandoned places Magadan region

After the collapse of the USSR was formed many abandoned towns, villages, settlements and places. The exact number of abandoned places, can not be counted even now. Now abandoned places used in the filming of movies, TV series (e.g. the series Chernobyl: the exclusion Zone was filmed in one of these abandoned places – in the former pioneer camp "salute"). Abandoned places visited by musicians in search of inspiration, writers, stalkers and other people who are interested in everything new, mysterious.

Today we would like to turn to the theme of abandoned cities. This theme is truly inexhaustible for Russia and countries of the former USSR. In addition, this subject is incredibly fascinating and intriguing. Let us digress a bit from our lives and delve into the world quiet and deserted streets of abandoned towns, exploring abandoned places. About each object You can read more by following the link (click on the name of the object). This article is a compilation of all the information available on the website on this topic. Over time, the article will be added, so don't forget to visit us and follow our updates. If You know any interesting abandoned place that is not on our list, write us in the comments, we surely will find, visit, and discover what is there, you will also see our travel photos.
All objects of city and places will be posted by region and category.

Magadan region

Abandoned villages

1)abandoned cities, abandoned towns, abandoned factories, abandoned places, abandoned places Magadan region

Kadykchan – the most famous of abandoned settlements of the Magadan region. The village began to empty since 1996, when the local mine explosion. After a few years in the village has ceased to operate the boiler room and the few who remained in the village, left it. People left their belongings – carpets, crockery, furniture, garages left the car. Learn more about the village, and also photos from a place, You will be able to find on the respective page.

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