Political asylum in the Russian Federation

political asylum to obtain asylum, the documents needed for political asylum, the loss of political asylum

Along with refugee status, temporary asylum to foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving to the Russian Federation, can get political asylum.

Political asylum is a right of entry and residence granted by the state foreign citizens and stateless persons who have requested to that state.

Political asylum in the Russian Federation is provided in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 746 of July 21, 1997, which approved the regulations. This Provision says that political asylum in Russia is granted to persons seeking asylum and protection from a real threat or persecution in the country of his nationality or in the country of their usual residence for political activity and beliefs that do not contradict the democratic principles recognized by the world community and international law.

The petition for political asylum are accepted by territorial bodies FMS of Russia. Foreign persons and stateless persons wishing to obtain political asylum in Russia, are obliged within 7 days upon arrival to Russia or from the moment of occurrence of circumstances that do not allow them to return to the country of his nationality or to the country of his usual residence. It is necessary to address personally in territorial body FMS of Russia at the place of their stay. The petition shall be in writing.

The documents required for obtaining political asylum

- foreign citizen passport or other document proving the identity (but not the provision of identification documents, cannot serve as grounds for rejection of petitions);

- two personal photos in black and white or colour size 35 x 45 mm with the accurate image of the person strictly in full face without headgear (headgear is allowed if it does not hide the face oval, citizens, whose religious beliefs are not allowed to appear before strangers without a headdress);

- the petition for granting political asylum.

The petition is filled in Russian. If the applicant is unable to complete the application yourself, then it is filled by the responsible employee of territorial body FMS. Signature of applicant in the application shall be certified by an authorized employee of territorial body FMS of Russia. After filling out the application with the applicant being interviewed and filled the questionnaire, which is part of the application. If necessary, the applicant may be conducted additional individual interviews.

After the filing of the petition, the applicant is required to pass fingerprint registration in the prescribed manner.

The procedure for obtaining political asylum

Within 7 days from the moment of arrival to the territory of the Russian Federation, or upon the occurrence of circumstances that does not allow a person to return to the country of his nationality or country of normal residence, foreign nationals and stateless persons must apply personally to the territorial body of the FMS of Russia at the place of his stay with the petition.

The applicant may attach any documents in support of his claim.

The employee of territorial body FMS, responsible for the reception of the petition, takes the documents, makes photocopies of the identity documents of the applicant, verifies the identity of the individual applicant with the person depicted in the photograph in the document. After that the employee of the FMS is conducting a survey of the applicant and fills out the form. After completing the questionnaire and a short break, the applicant shall be an individual interview.

The application questionnaires, the questionnaire and other documents are created in the personal file of the applicant. Personal business is assigned a number.

In case of acceptance of the application shall be issued a certificate of legal stay of the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship on the territory of the Russian Federation in connection with the consideration of the petition of the person on granting political asylum.

Help along with the documents proving the identity of the Complainant, is proof of his legal stay on the territory of Russia.

If there are sufficient grounds for consideration of the petition, it is sent to the FMS of Russia. Recipt of application shall be the date of receipt in FMS Russia of all required documents.

After receiving opinions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia and FSB of Russia, FMS of Russia shall transmit the petition and all necessary documents with the conclusions of the Commission on citizenship under the President of the Russian Federation. Term of consideration of the application in FSB of Russia, FMS of Russia and MFA of Russia should not exceed 1 month in each organ.

In case of signing by the RF President's Decree on granting political asylum to the FMS of Russia within 7 days from the date of publication of this Decree shall notify the person through the territorial authorities for a decision.

The granting of asylum also extends to family members of persons granted asylum, provided that they agree with the petition. Consent of children under the age of 14 are not required.

The person who was granted political asylum and family members of the territorial authority of the FMS Russia at the place of application issue a Certificate on granting political asylum. Then, the FMS of Russia prepares the person who has received political asylum, and his family members a residence permit.

If the President rejects the petition, the territorial body of the FMS of Russia gives or sends the individual a notice that his further stay in the country is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation governing the stay of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship on the territory of Russia.

Who cannot be granted political asylum

1. The person who is persecuted in the country of his nationality or in the country of normal residence for the actions, recognised in the Russian Federation a crime.

2. The person charged as a defendant in a criminal case.

3. Arriving from a third country where he was not threatened with prosecution.

4. Arrived from countries, with which Russia has an agreement on visa-free border crossing.

5. The person has provided false information about yourself.

6. The person arrived from the country, which have well-developed and well-established institutions in the field of protection of human rights.

7. The person has citizenship of a third country where it is not prosecuted.

8. The reasons why a person is unable or unwilling to return to the country of his nationality or country of normal residence, are economic in nature, or because of famine, epidemic, an emergency of technogenic and natural character.

Deprivation of political asylum

The right to political asylum is lost:

- if the person has returned to the country of his nationality or the country of their normal residence;

- a person went to the residence to a third country;

- the person has voluntarily refused political asylum;

- the person has acquired citizenship of the Russian Federation or the citizenship of another country.

Political asylum is lost by the decision of the Commission on citizenship issues under the President of the Russian Federation by the FMS of Russia on the basis of the conclusions of the FSB and the Russian foreign Ministry.

The reasons for the deprivation of a person for political asylum can also be:

- public security;

- where a person contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations;

- a person committing a crime.

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