On the roads of India

India roads, traffic rules in India, how to travel in India

Decided to relax in India? Then leave your driving license at home – you don't need. Why? Talk about it in this article.

In India traffic rules approved by the Government of India, but in all States one does not adhere to the rules. On the roads are "their" rules.

Red light – stand?

No, the opposite. No car, no pedestrians, do not stop the movement on forbidding signal of the traffic light. This situation is observed in almost all cities. On the one hand, drivers can understand at some traffic lights red light lit for 3 minutes. Not everyone can tolerate so much!

Knock louder!

Drivers in India are constantly honking to each other. And not because all drivers are evil and trying to swear at others, it's just a way of communicating while driving.

How else to indicate the presence of your car, considering that cars have no rear view mirrors? Yes! This is because the lanes for vehicles are very close to each other. In such circumstances, it is difficult to keep the mirrors intact. Some cars in India produce directly without mirrors.

That's why in cars you can find stickers and decals, in translation meaning something like: "Hit the horn" or "Horn". And preferably make sounds as loud as possible, you want to get noticed.

India roads, traffic rules in India, how to travel in India

The pedestrian is always right?

In India it is not customary to give way to pedestrians, even those who wish to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing! And it's not that drivers don't follow the rules. Most Indians are perfectly able to maneuver between the cars and without any obstacles, quickly cross the road. But tourists have a hard time – no skill to independently cross the road is extremely difficult.

The "brick" for Indians

If the only absolutely prohibiting the movement of the sign is a concrete block, for the Indians – the cow. If the road appears the cow, all cars immediately froze, as if at the behest of a magician. In some cities, the murder of a cow is punishable by imprisonment for a term of 5-7 years. For the Indians to kill the cow – so good to ruin your karma and soul. In ancient times, killer cows paid for murder with his life.


Interesting! The most amazing thing that India has, according to the world health organization, the lower ranking of deaths on the roads than Russia. Russia – 21.9 deaths per 100 thousand people, in India, and 18.7 per.

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