The shelling of Donetsk continues

the shelling of Donetsk, in Donetsk again fired

02 of October. Donetsk authorities have confirmed the information about the shelling of the city Ukrainian security forces, according to city authorities, the day (01 of October) in the city killed 9 people, injured more than 30.

In a message posted on the official website of the city Council, said: "For 01 October in Donetsk killed 9 civilians, and 30 received injuries of varying severity".
At the present time in Donetsk the intense situation remains, here and there shots rang out.

Earlier Andrei Purgin (Vice-Premier DND) reported 11 killed in the shelling of Donetsk. It was clarified that 9 people were killed when a shell hit the stop of public transport, two with a hit in one of the schools. The representative of the regional trauma hospital said that as a result of shelling injured 40 people.

Konstantin Dolgov (foreign Ministry Commissioner of the Russian Federation for human rights, democracy and the rule of law) stated that the fire school in Donetsk is a flagrant violation of international law.

In General, the ceasefire regime that was installed was signed in Minsk the Memorandum observed. However, as the security forces and militias accused each other in its violation. One of the areas where and then there are shootings, remains the area of the airport of Donetsk city. Representatives of the self-proclaimed Republic reported that from the Ukrainian security forces are shelling the civilians of Donetsk.

What`s happening in Ukraine and Novorossiya

From April 2014 the Ukrainian authorities conduct a military operation in the East of the country. Operation directed against dissatisfied with the February coup d'etat citizens. According to the United Nations on September 21, 2014, victims of the conflict became already more than 3.2 thousand civilians, more than 8 thousand were wounded. And this is only according to official UN data, the reality is much worse.

05 September, the parties brokered by the UN and Russia met in Minsk and agreed to a truce and decided a number of questions about the status of the region (as there is the Minsk Protocol), September 19 was developed to implement the Memorandum, consisting of 9 items.

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