Maternity capital for foreign citizens

how to apply for maternity capital for the foreign citizen, the parent capital foreign citizen

Today we will tell you the story of one of our readers about how she received maternity capital in Russia. Recall that you can always share with us your stories. The main condition is that the story was informative, useful and unique. To submit a story you can using the feedback form. Feel free to email us, maybe your story will help our readers to avoid mistakes in life.

Maternity capital – a topic that preoccupies many readers, especially those who have appeared the second and subsequent children in the period from 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2016 years (no matter where). So, if you and your children were foreign nationals, but have obtained citizenship of the Russian Federation, with second and subsequent children were born in the period from 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2016 years, you have the right to receive the parent capital. For this purpose, after obtaining citizenship for herself and her children and obtaining a passport, you must perform the following steps.

  1. Refer to the FMS with notarised birth certificates of the children and ask them to put a mark on the citizenship of the child in a notarized copy (if there is no Russian page, you will need a transfer certificate), take with you the originals of these documents,
  2. To make registration at the place of residence or stay to yourself.
  3. Call the Pension Fund of Russia and to clarify the visiting days on the parent capital. Address and office can be found on the official website of the FIU or to learn more on the phone.
  4. On visiting day you will come to the specified office with the following documents:

- original and copy of passport (copy must be removed from the pages 2, 3, 5, 14, 17);

- birth certificate of the child and notarized copy of the birth certificate with the original stamp of the Federal migration service (red stamp) on the nationality of the child + copy of notarized copies of birth certificate of the child with the mark of citizenship (per child);

- certificate of provisional registration (if in the certificate on page 5 is missing the mark about registration in a residence) + copy;

- SNILS (if available).

5. Employee FIU when you fill the statement, when checking the data of the original documents, and print it. Special attention is given to changing the names, so you should be ready to list, what names were you when you changed them, and also to state the reason for the name change.

6. If children have repeated metrics, then you will need to write a letter of explanation why (the employee FIU will help, will prompt, what and how to write, and you need to take help, if it was changed by the father or something else similar happened, to explain the reason. If the change was due to error or fuzzy print then the reason will be "damage").

7. The employee pension Fund will issue a printed statement, it should be carefully studied, to verify all data and sign.

8. In return you will be given a receipt on documents admission.

9. After about a month, you will receive an email (to your specified address) about the decision concerning maternity capital with the indication of day when you need to step up for the certificate.

10. The specified day must be approached with the documents (passport, birth certificate of children, registration of residence / stay, the receipt on reception of documents of the FIU, the notification letter) and obtain a certificate for maternity capital.

Virtually no queues, the staff is friendly – in General a pleasure. If you are missing any copies of documents, they can have them printed. Phone FIU staff members give good, detailed advice.

No matter what is your currently nationality, how many children do you have. Most importantly, in the period from 2007 to 2016 year you was born the second and subsequent children – in this case, you can obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation, to issue it to their children and qualify for maternity capital. Below is the table that you can see the changes that occurred with the size of the parent capital over the years.

Year Size, RUB Indexing, %
2007 250 000.00 -
2008 276 250.00 10.50
2009 312 162.50 13.00
2010 343 378.80 10.00
2011 365 698.40 6.50
2012 387 640.30 6.00
2013 408 960.50 5.40
2014 429 408.50 5.00
2015 453 026.00 5.50


how to apply for maternity capital for the foreign citizen, the parent capital foreign citizen


Attention! The program for the payment of the parent capital calculated to December 31, 2016, this restriction does not concern the possibility of using the funds of the parent capital. This restriction applies only for the period for the birth of second and subsequent children, which will be issued the certificate of the state sample with the possibility of sending him for a specific purpose after the child reaches the age of three.

Attention! From 1 January 2015 changes to the existing legislation, in particular in the Federal law from December 29, 2006 N 256-FZ "On additional measures of state support of the families having children". The right to maternity capital, there are only citizens of the Russian Federation who have given birth (or adopted) child (children) having citizenship of the Russian Federation, the second and subsequent.

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