“Infinite drive” appeared on sale in Russia

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01 September. In Russia started accepting pre-orders for unusual gadget designed for the storage and use of information in unlimited volume. This device is called Flashsafe.

The cost of the device – 4 199 rubles.

Flashsafe is a small device that connects to your laptop or computer and allows the user to store their data in the cloud online storage. Without a Network connection available to the user 8 gigabytes of memory.

As promised the developers "infinite stick", all data transferred is encrypted in case of loss of the device is blocked, and the user is issued a new device.

As explained by one of the developers of the gadget Alexei Churkin, to Flashsafe will be available in mid-September.

It should be noted that the USB flash drive is not the first invention in this area. In 2015, the company Nextbit announced the creation of the smartphone, called the Robin, which has unlimited available memory – rarely-used files, the smartphone automatically sends to the cloud storage and removes from memory. If necessary, returns the file back.

Author: Kristina Simonova

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