I am bankrupt

the bankruptcy of a natural person, to admit himself bankrupt, the bankrupt an individual

1 of October. Today comes into force a law that allows any Russian citizen to admit himself bankrupt. This is good news for all who are mired in debt, with no hope to settle with its creditors. However, the debtor will have to go through the process of selling the property. Officially becoming bankrupt, the person at least 5 years will not be able to take out new loans.
From now on, for a debt of more than 500 thousand rubles, and the delay of payment for more than 3 months, any citizen can become bankrupt. The case will be considered by the Court. The property of the debtor, except for the basic necessities will be sold. After that, the citizen will be released from all obligations. However, within 3 years of bankruptcy will not be able to assume leadership positions, and at the time, while there is enforcement, the debtor will not be able to travel abroad.
The law also provides another, more gentle solution to the problem with debt - debt restructuring. This option allows you to get out of debt without the sale of property and damage to credit history. To this end, the debtor must prove to the court that he has a steady income that he is unable to pay its creditors, but in milder conditions. In this case, he himself will be able to propose a scheme of calculation of the debts in 3 years.

the bankruptcy of a natural person, to admit himself bankrupt, the bankrupt an individual
According to the National Bureau of Credit Histories, in Russia at the moment more than 450 thousand people have a debt of more than 500 thousand rubles overdue by 90 days or more. Of these, 40 thousand - mortgage borrowers. The others - citizens who have debts on unsecured loans. "In the car loans and mortgage debt servicing situation is much better than on loans for purchase of consumer goods and credit card" - said the marketing director of the National Bureau of Credit Alexey Volkov.
A large influx of wanting to become bankrupt, experts do not expect. "Judging by the complaints received by me, the debtors, primarily interested in installments," - said the Financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev. He added that the debt restructuring and the banks concerned, because it guarantees a full refund to banks, which can not be in bankruptcy of the physical person. Especially if the debtor has no assets.


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