How to protect your gadgets from viruses

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The first of may came into force the amendments to the "anti-piracy" law. From this point, it became forbidden to distribute not only films, but also the programs, books and music. Started closing the official torrents, and instead began to appear on resources – copies, free of viruses.

In order to minimize the risk of Contracting the virus, you should observe some simple rules. What exactly will be discussed below.

Forget about the websites 18+

The web page you can scan different antivirus programs. However, on sites with questionable content a chance to "catch" the infection is several times higher. Not access sites containing adult content.

Read reviews

Before downloading anything from an unknown site, check its reputation with the help of online services that allow you to determine how popular a resource, read the reviews about the site on the Internet.

Beware of the letter!

Do not open suspicious emails. For example, the loader comes Upater users in the form of spam messages, many of which look like regular letters. There are viruses, infecting a PoS terminal, scanning the contents of the RAM for the presence of payment information and sends it to fraudsters.


Regular updating of antivirus software on all electronic devices will protect them from infection. Currently, the number of attacks on unprotected tablets, phones and computers constantly grows. Virus writers analyze user behavior and creating better viruses to extrude the maximum amount of money.

With the help of SMS-messages on the phone can come virus-extortionist: displays a window that cannot be closed. In the window there is information that the user needs to give consent to share their information in the electronic payment system Google Wallet. After the user agrees, another window appears in which you enter your card details. While the user enters data, the window does not disappear. Moreover, the virus accesses the Internet and checks how correct the data. And this is just one method of fraud, and in fact hundreds of them.

Viruses are becoming more sophisticated. And it's harder to fight. Now to steal money from the cards can not only Trojan bankers, but also some SMS Trojans and Trojan-spies. It is therefore essential that users had taken these simple steps to protect their gadgets and their money.

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