Contaminated after the Chernobyl accident the territory of Belarus decreased

contaminated areas of Belarus

26 of April. The emergencies Ministry of Belarus reported that during the period from 1986 to 2013, contaminated with cesium-137 in the territory of Belarus decreased by 1.6 times. This is due to the natural decay of cesium. Live in affected areas at the moment about 1.1 million people.

As of early 2014, the area contaminated after the Chernobyl areas in Belarus is 30 thousand km2 – about 14,5% of the total area of the Republic.

In 1986, contamination by cesium-137 was subjected to about 23% of the territory of Belarus. In the area affected by the accident, turned out to be about 3.6 thousand locations and 59 administrative districts.

In the MOE also reported that the contamination with other radioactive elements (strontium-90) is more local in nature. The area contaminated by this element, areas is 21.1 thousand km2 or 10% of the entire territory of the Republic.

Currently live in affected areas 1 million 142 thousand people (representing approximately 12.1 per cent of the total population). In the Republic of Belarus has already implemented the 5th state program on combating consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. In 2013, this program was allocated 3.3 trillion Belarusian rubles (about $330 million). These funds were mainly spent on providing compensation benefits to victims, development of the affected regions and ensuring social protection of citizens.

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