the price of YotaPhone 2, Yota background 2, specifications of the YotaPhone 2

The price of YotaPhone 2 decreased

Yota Devices decided to reduce the price of its smartphone YotaPhone 2. In the framework of the smartphone in black color can be purchased for...
thin TV, LG TV, TV with a thickness of 1 mm

Millimeter thinner

21 of May. The Korean company LG showed a prototype 55-inch OLED panel, with a thickness of only 1 mm, and weight – 1.9...
Obama, Barack Obama, the personality of Obama, the US President, Twitter, blogs, microblogging

Obama has become a “millionaire” for five hours

20 of May. U.S. President Barack Obama has created your blog to the world of Twitter, not having to create your microblog, Obama has...
Neanderthals, and the Neanderthals, smart Neanderthals, went extinct why Neanderthals

Neanderthal reasonable

Until recently the Neanderthals were all clear. Those stupid barbarians disappeared with the advent of our smart ancestors Homo sapiens or Homo sapiens. This...
New iPhone in exchange for your old phone, the iPhone 6

New iPhone in exchange for your old phone

Apple announced changes to its trade-in program and began accepting in exchange for a brand new iPhone smartphones not only own production, but also...
videohit how to feed the baby

Videohit from Russian dads: how to feed a fussy baby

The Internet has conquered the video, whose main character became a baby and his dad. The number of views of video on YouTube is...
Trojan virus, virus, Podec, virus written off the money

Cash users “Vkontakte” for Android under threat

"Kaspersky lab" warns that in the network there was a new virus Podec, able without the user's knowledge to sign him on paid services....
Yandex, the Yandex services, Yandex predicts tube, Yandex predicts an accident

“Yandex” is now able to predict the accident

The creators of "Yandex" has taught his child a new skill – predicting traffic jams and road accidents. Their "predictions", the system displays on...
Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: breakthrough or blunder?

01 of March. Samsung at the exhibition, which was held in Barcelona, presented two of its latest smartphones - the Samsung Galaxy S6 and...
cyber criminals, theft 2014, Carbanak

$1 billion stolen by hackers from Bank accounts around the world

15 of February. An international group of hackers stole more than a billion dollars from Bank accounts around the world. This is the results carried...
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