Videohit from Russian dads: how to feed a fussy baby

videohit how to feed the baby

The Internet has conquered the video, whose main character became a baby and his dad. The number of views of video on YouTube is approaching one million. Hero movie – a baby who does not want to eat, and his father, who found an original way to feed the baby.

The way that the father feeds the child, is quite simple. In spoon, you need to dial porridge, cottage cheese or other food you plan to feed your baby, then holding the spoon at a small distance from the mouth of the child, to lend him a tasty treat. Video of this delicacy speaks Mandarin.

Noticing sweets, the child opens his mouth, a resourceful dad immediately uses the opportunity, takes the tangerine and feeds the child porridge. This is repeated several times. Later this trick is father manage to do without Mandarin.

It should be noted that not all parents liked it this way. "First, parents deceiving their children, then children grow up and begin to lie to parents, the cycle of lies in nature," writes one of the spectators. "Get used to it, kid," writes another.

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