The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate explained in detail what will change from October

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate explained in detail what will change from October 20

17 October. The traffic police explained how registration of vehicles and taking exams for a driver's license will change. These changes are connected with the adoption of a new order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which came into force on October 14.

Exams passage

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate explained in detail what will change from October 20

One of the strictest rules, prescribed in the new regulations on the admission of exams, refers to the maneuvers that are reversed. There are several exercises for examinations. For example, parallel parking and check-in in the box (garage).

Now, in order for these exercises to be counted, the applicant for a driving license can only engage the reverse gear once. If he could not complete the exercise, he switched on the first gear, corrected the car and re-engaged the rear gear - the exercise did not count, the exam was not passed.

Until now, only the time for doing the exercise has been limited. During this time, the candidate for a driving license could make several maneuvers forward - back. Now this will be considered a violation of the trajectory of the exercise.


The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate explained in detail what will change from October 20

Motorcyclists have their own nuances. Now the regulation states that if a motorcyclist overturns a vehicle, he will receive an "did not surrender" rating.

As Nikolai Gilyakov, the chief of the Main Traffic Safety Department of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia, noted, the motorcycle, as a rule, is not held in the parking exercise.

In this exercise, the motorcyclist must get off the motorcycle and push it into the parking place with his hands, then push it back. Just at the moment of transition from a sitting position to a standing candidate, they often fail to handle two-wheeled vehicles. Therefore, this paragraph was added.

Also for motorcyclists made a mandatory item on high-speed maneuvering. Previously, this exercise was presented in only one version: a corridor 80 meters long. Not all driving schools had a platform of this length. Now this exercise was perfected and made circular.

The regulation approved a minimum period of storage of the exam video - at least a month. Driving schools were allowed not to clean the site in winter to asphalt. It is enough to treat the site with anti-icicle reagent and install cones more often.

Roman Mishurov, Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision of the Main Directorate for Ensuring Traffic Safety of the Russian Interior Ministry, explained that the document also brought into compliance with the Tax Code issues of payment of state duty. The state duty must be paid before submitting an application for the provision of certain services of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

Also, the new order specifies the actions when submitting an application through the Public Services portal, as well as the requirements for the provision of services through multifunctional cents (MFCs). For example, the deadlines for the provision of services through the MFC are indicated - no more than 15 working days.

The list of documents that the citizen can provide at will is expanded. For example, if he provides a foreign passport when issuing a driver's license, the transliteration of his name and name will be done exactly as prescribed in the document for traveling abroad.

Reissue and replacement of driver's licenses

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate explained in detail what will change from October 20

When a driver's license is received in case of his loss, or, for example, a change of name, a citizen can provide a fresh medical certificate. In this case, he will receive a driving license, the validity of which is 10 years.

The order also clarified the list of grounds for suspending the provision of services for taking exams for driving permits. So the service will be suspended, if in the traffic police there is no information confirming the issuance of documents. For example, a medical certificate, a certificate of education "driver" or a previously issued driver's license. This does not mean that such a citizen can not take the exam, but he will receive the document only when the reason for the suspension of services is eliminated.

A similar rule applies to young drivers. You can take exams for the rights of the "B" and "C" categories in Russia at the age of 17, but you can get the driver's license only when you are 18 years old.

Also, a new order allows people with disabilities to visit the traffic police with guide dogs. It is true that a visually impaired person can not obtain the right to drive a vehicle for medical reasons, but he can own a car.

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