New rules for car registration and obtaining rights

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10 October. Since October 14, 2017, the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 707 of 06.09.2017 "On Amendments to the Normative Legal Acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Regarding Registration and Examination Activities" has come into force. "Political class" correspondents decided to understand what innovations this document will bring.

This article will be useful to the majority of drivers, as it deals with changes relating to interaction with the traffic police through electronic services and multifunctional centers, which, according to the idea, are designed to remove queues from the traffic police departments.

Registration of vehicles

Let's start, perhaps, with the registration of the vehicle. On July 10, 2017, amendments to the regulations concerning registration of the CU entered into force. And now new amendments arrived. In these amendments, the procedure for interaction when submitting applications to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for this service through the portal of the State Service is specified.

The details describe how you can file this application, what you can do with it, how to print it out, or when to make changes to it. As well as the procedure for appealing by e-mail (pre-trial appeal).

The regulation notes that when applying through the portal of the State Service, the state fee for registration actions must either be paid in advance, or it can be paid through the portal itself, so that in the GIBDD the payment data came in a timely manner.

How to get a driver's license

The second part of the document is devoted to the issue of obtaining a driver's license and the rules for conducting exams for the management of vehicles.

This regulation can be divided into two parts. The first part describes the procedure for providing this service through multifunctional centers (MFCs). Through the MFC, you can exchange driver's license due to the expiration of their validity.

Recall, this opportunity first appeared in Moscow about a year ago as an experiment. The experiment was successful, so it was decided to introduce this practice throughout the territory of Russia. And now a departmental document has been issued clarifying the procedure for using this opportunity, and also prescribes the necessary conditions for this. Moreover, during the experiment everything was worked out.

In the MFC, the client should be provided with all information regarding the replacement of rights due to the expiration of their validity period, as well as related to obtaining foreign driving licenses. It is clearly stated which documents the driver should carry.

The amendments specify the deadlines for the provision of this service through the MFC - 15 days. At the same time, the application to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, filed through this center, must be registered during the working day. For comparison, the application submitted directly to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate must be registered within 15 minutes. A statement submitted through the portal of the State Service, only with the personal appeal of the driver in the traffic police.

Particular attention in the amendments is given to people with disabilities. For example, disabled people are allowed to be in the traffic police department along with dogs-cooks, as well as the access of a typhlo-interpretation interpreter. In this case we are talking about the blind. A blind person has every right to be the owner of a car, but he can not get access to driving a vehicle for any reason. It is clear why this item is included in the regulation on registration of vehicles, but that's what it does in the regulations for conducting exams for obtaining a driver's license - it is unclear.

Expert opinion

In addition to the issue of the item on people with disabilities, experts have questions and other items of the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For example, the Order states that the driver will receive an "did not pass" rating if he overturns the vehicle. It is clear that overturning is an accident, but why are not other types of accidents described, for example, a pedestrian collision, a collision, etc.? But such cases also happen.

Changes in the exercise patterns have been made, but still not completely clear symbols and signs remain.

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