Russia will not be swamped with migrants

the wave of migrants from Neighboring Countries, migrants, refugees

The Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is ready to help the EU in solving the problems of refugees. However, he expressed confidence that the Russian wave of immigrants that has engulfed the EU will not affect.

That European countries will need help, no doubt almost none. According to the British BBC, on the borders of the European Union has accumulated about 107 500 people – this is a record figure since 2008. In 2015, the Mediterranean sea is crossed by more than 240,000 people. "North Africa and the Middle East has become a hotbed of violent extremism and terrorism, and from there Europe erupted a huge wave of illegal migrants. Illegal immigrants, and terrorism are derived from attempts to maintain its dominance in the international arena through interventions in the internal Affairs of sovereign States," Lavrov said at a youth forum "Territory meanings on the Klyazma".

The situation of refugees in Europe over the weekend escalated to the limit. Macedonia police suppressed with tear gas stormed the border with Greece of migrants, the police are German Heidenau resisted the nationalists, who blocked the entrances to the refugee camp (wounded 31 officers). And what about the fire in the train from Amsterdam to Paris, which staged the Moroccan Ayoub al-Kassani 26 years. This event forced the heads of Europe to talk about a possible revision of the Schengen agreements.

Sergei Lavrov believes that the wave of refugees to Russia will not affect. "I think we have quite enough funds to prevent any negative consequences from this", - said Lavrov. He noted that Russia is ready to help the European Union. "We are ready to cooperate with European colleagues", - assured Sergei Lavrov, noting that Russia also expects Western colleagues willingness to cooperate on other issues.

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