Peace and order in the Korean States

South Korea, North Korea, peace in South and North Korea

The two heads of state reached agreement on the normalization of the situation in the area of the demarcation line. This agreement provides, inter alia, the termination of speakers.

The head of North Korea expressed regret in connection with the recent events, he assured that henceforth this will not happen again.

For the first time in 11 years August 10, South Korea resumed near the demilitarized zone the loudspeaker. The action was preceded by the incident involving the two military in South Korea injured when he stepped on a mine that was laid in the demilitarized zone. Seoul accused Pyongyang of mining the demilitarized zone, the DPRK has rejected the charges.

August 20 in North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire. The first fire was opened North Korea's military.

The Director of the Bureau of intelligence of the armed forces of the DPRK Kim Yong Chol said that units of the army of North Korea near the demilitarized zone in a state of combat readiness.

South Korean media reported that after the resumption of the loudspeakers Pyongyang has threatened Seoul "indiscriminate attacks" on South Korea if the broadcasting speakers will not be terminated. The day before the agreement, the DPRK put forward to the border with South Korea landing craft, amphibious, and submarines.

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