North Korea demands recognition of its nuclear power

North Korea, a nuclear power, North Korea is testing nuclear weapons

11 of September. On the eve of the North Korean foreign Ministry said that the U.S. should recognize the DPRK nuclear power.

"Barack Obama is doing everything to deny the DPRK's strategic nuclear status. However, it is equally as stupid as trying to outshine the Sun, closing from his hand", - quotes words of the representative of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK news Agency KCNA.

September 09, the Ministry said that the DPRK successfully conducted another nuclear weapons test. In turn, US President Barack Obama condemned such actions and called for the introduction against North Korea for more sanctions.

"The United States will never recognize the DPRK nuclear power. Destabilizing and provocative actions by Pyongyang not lead to the fulfillment of the objectives of this country in the sphere of national security and the economy, but rather isolated North Korea and condemned the population to poverty," said Barack Obama.

09 of September it became known that North Korea had indeed conducted a nuclear test in the North of the country. Power charge warheads, according to Russian experts, by up to 10 kilotons - about it reports "Interfax" with reference to its sources.

North Korea, a nuclear power, North Korea is testing nuclear weapons

These tests have become the fifth. The fourth test North Korea conducted on 6 of January 2016 at the site Pangari (180 km from the border with Russia). Previously the tests were conducted in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

As announced on 11 of September, the Associated Press, members of the UN security Council condemned Pyongyang's actions and stated willingness to discuss a new serious measures against the DPRK, including new sanctions.

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