Donald trump is ahead of the other contenders for the US presidency

the United States presidential election, Donald trump

21 of July. Donald trump dramatically took the lead among the other contenders for the US presidency among Republicans. The Democrats in the lead, is the former "first lady" Hillary Clinton. This is according to the opinion poll appeared on Monday in the Washington Post.

According to these data, at present, trump is ready to vote 24% of US citizens from the Republicans and independent citizens, gravitating to the "Grand old party". However, the scandalous statement of Donald trump, who called into question the military achievements of John McCain, who fought in Vietnam, you can still have an impact, noted the Washington Post. In second place is Scott Walker. Three leaders closes the Jeb Bush.

With them, the top ten included Mike Huckabee (former Arkansas Governor), Marco Rubio (Senator from Florida), Ben Carson (a former neurosurgeon), Rand Paul (Senator from Kentucky), Ted Cruz (Senator from Texas), Rick Perry (former Governor of Texas) and Chris Christie (Governor of NJ).

The right to participate in election debates the Republicans, is scheduled for August 6, will receive only those candidates who will take the first 10 lines of a rating of popularity.

The Democrats were distributed as follows: the unconditional leader – Hillary Clinton. In second place – Bernie Sanders (Senator from Vermont), the third place – Jim Webb (former Senator from Virginia. In fourth place – Martin O` Malley (ex-Governor of Maryland).

This survey was conducted July 16-19 random sample of 1002 adults among US citizens on the phone.

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