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Is there an alternative to deposits?

13 April. Rates on deposits fell below the historical minimum - 6.9% per annum. This rate is due to the low key rate set...
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Rating of reliable banks by Forbes

13 April. State banks of Russia continue to increase their influence on the banking sector of the economy. If in 2017, the group of...
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Guaranteed poverty

06 April. How low requirements to the quality of life for Russians and the lack of innovative technologies hinder the development and prosperity of...
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What assets will make a profit in 2018

March 16. How to behave to investors in the conditions of changing monetary policy and recovery of prices for raw materials? What to earn...
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How to deal with aging, to live happily ever after

The message of the founder of the tourist service "Ostrovok" Sergei Fage about how he is trying to increase his longevity and increase his...
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Why the presumption of innocence does not apply to drivers

January 15. Even the most absurd penalty, drawn on the basis of these cameras, automatic fixation of violations, it is almost impossible to challenge...
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Will we eat insects instead of animals?

08 January. Will society refuse meat and will the insect protein become a new trend in gastronomy? These issues are today worrying about the...
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The most criminal regions of Russia

26 September. The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia published a document in which the most criminal regions of Russia are named. The first place...
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The property tax by the new rules: consider together

September 30th. From 1 January 2015 Russia introduced a new procedure for calculating the property tax, which will continue to be determined on the...
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How to challenge the cadastral value of property

September 30th. On 1 of January, 2015 changes were made, according to which the property tax will be calculated based on the cadastral value...
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