The film is not for the people

the film is not for people to check movie codecs, video codecs to check movie film for equipment Meridian film

28 of September. The popular service Netflix, which reproduces users streaming video, posted on the Web unusual film called "Meridian". This film is not for ordinary spectators, and to test the equipment.

In this picture of the magazine drew attention Quartz. Part of the movie edition to host a Facebook page as "A film that you should not watch."

The film is a detective story in which many unexpected special effects, dramatic lighting and background changes, loud noises and creepy scenes.

This video will help test the video codecs, compression and decompression to evaluate the digital stream, and also to see how the picture is displayed on different devices.

With the help of video software developers and device manufacturers will be able to understand how to optimize the performance of streaming video data.

As for ordinary spectators, the short film they left a mixed impression. On site Nerflix the film received a mark of 1.5 points out of a possible 5.

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