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intelligent transport systems, its - it, intelligent roads in Russia, highway M-11

05 of September. By 2020 it is planned to run more than 4 thousand kilometers of roads with intelligent transport systems (its). Most of them will have a new Expressway that builds "highways." This is the Central ring road and M-11 "Moscow – Saint-Petersburg".

As informs "the Russian newspaper", the intelligent road will be, first, to warn drivers about potential or existing danger through dynamic information signs and boards. Second, they will provide the user the ability to get help in time if it is needed. Thirdly, the smart road will be a good quality of the roadway, the pavement repair will be done on time.

Its is a constantly developing system that can tell the owner of the electric vehicle, where and when he charge the vehicle. The system of charging tolls on toll roads of Russia – it is one of the subsystems of its. It is not so much about the place of collection of tolls, but about the form: that you stop at the toll gate to pay the fare in cash, to surrender, or to pay the fare in cash.

intelligent transport systems, its - it, intelligent roads in Russia, highway M-11

The fare on the toll road non-cash method has already been implemented in Russia in 2012. Bank transfer is available to any driver who purchased a transponder. This user does not need to stop at toll booths. The equipment at the point of collection of payment recor
ds the passage and then withdraws the required amount from the account of the user. But this approach assumes that the user's account funds are available. Loan this system does not work.

With regard to postpaid, while this method in Russia is not implemented. Post-pay exists in Canada, USA and China. Perhaps in Russia it will also appear, while this matter is under discussion.

Road workers in Russia, I regret that there is no single "road map" of development of its. Only local regional plans, which in the absence of a centralized system approach, lead to the fact that Russia in the sphere of its it is the role of the pursuer relative to the overall level of development of its in the world. Experts do not even try to calculate how much money you will need to create its throughout the network of Federal roads of Russia. On average, the proportion of its is around 3 – 5 % of the cost of building roads. But much depends on the complexity, volume, structure and timing of the project construction of the road.

intelligent transport systems, its - it, intelligent roads in Russia, highway M-11

But the cost is not the main problem. The main problem is the almost complete lack of regulation. There are no legislative acts concerning its. There Is No Standards. Current European standards do not use and do not take the State examination when considering the draft decisions of the roads. It is necessary to develop and implement a concept for the development of its and to provide financial support for the development and approval of state Standards, the ner in the field of its.

Author: Dmitriy Tkachuk



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