According to the results count 30% of the vote is leading the “United Russia”

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19 of September. After processing of 30% of the final protocols in the elections to the State Duma, the leader "United Russia" with a score of 52,05% of the vote. It is reported by boards in the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation.

The liberal democratic party at the moment of 14.66% of the votes, the Communist party of 14.57%, "Fair Russia" - 6,29% of the vote. Other parties do not overcome the five percent barrier. The fifth place currently occupied by the "Communists of Russia" from 2.59% of the vote.

As reported TASS in 198 single-mandate districts are leading candidates from the "United Russia" after treatment 30.26% of the protocols.

The Communist party wins in 7 districts, LDPR and "Fair Russia" – 5. "Apple", "Civic platform" and the Party of growth are leading in one constituency each. In one district in the leaders beat out the independent candidate. Data were obtained from 220 constituencies.

Recall that the elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation was held the day before (18 September). They were held under a mixed system: 225 deputies was elected by party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies.

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