“Yandex. Taxi” brings down the price

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21 of September. On The Eve Of "Yandex. Taxi" announced reduction of minimum price for travel on all tariffs in Moscow. Thanks to this decision, the company taxi rides in the city will be cheaper.

As stated in the official report, the minimum price of the trip at the rate of "Economy" has decreased in 2 times – from 199 roubles to 99 rubles. Day for this amount you will make a trip length of 2 km and a duration of 5 minutes. Every next kilometer and the next minute each way will cost passengers in 9 rubles.

For tariff "Comfort", "Comfort+" and "Minivan" minimum tour price also fell. For these tariffs the price is below 100 (up to 199 rubles), for "Business" plan - 299 rubles. This price includes the 2-minute of free waiting time and 5 minutes.

Thus, with the introduction of new tariffs, the price of the trip from Okhotny Ryad to Pyatnitskaya will be approximately 180 rubles at the rate of "Economy", 310 rubles – at the rate "Comfort", 340 rubles – at the rate of "Comfort+", 330 roubles at the rate of "Minivan", 500 rubles – at the rate of "Business".

Previously, "Yandex. Taxi" launched a new tariff "Express", the minimum fare is 99 rubles, but now it won't operate.

Competitors Of Yandex. Taxi in Moscow is Uber, Gett and others. In the service Gett the car is 50 rubles, minute trip will cost passengers in 18 roubles (rate "Comfort class"). On another tariff "Economy+ class" value of 10 minutes will cost 149 rubles.

In the Uber car delivery costs passengers 50 rubles, every minute and every kilometre of the trip 8 rubles.

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