Two in one

Ivan Shubin, Vladimir Chernikov, the new office of Moscow, Department of national policy, interregional relations and tourism

Work is continuing on optimization of work of the Moscow government. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, first, announced the reduction of 30% the officials, secondly, announced one more, by its decision to combine the existing two departments into one, which from this time shall be called Department of national policy, interregional relations and tourism.

Commenting on the upcoming changes, the Deputy mayor for regional security and information policy Alexander Gorbenko explained that "this is a routine staff work, we try to optimize and increase the efficiency of municipal authorities, the crisis has nothing to do with". According to the Deputy mayor, in the name of the Department no accident in the first place is a national policy, it is at work, on interaction with different communities, religions, are so numerous in Moscow, will be made the main focus of the new Ministry.

The head of the new Department was appointed Vladimir Chernikov. According to Alexander Gorbenko, its purpose is logical, because two years ago, he has already joined two committees in the government of Moscow media and advertising, he has carried out this work quickly and efficiently, and has proved itself from the best side. Chernikov himself, commenting on the appointment, explained that he is aware of the complexity of his mission. "National policy is a delicate matter. Here the main tenet do no harm." At the same time, Vladimir Chernikov said that work with the regions it considers of secondary importance, because for all the regions of Moscow – close and native capital of Russia. Therefore, the new Department will seek to strengthen links with the regions, edges, areas. Moreover, the experience of such cooperation exists – just think of the long-term relations with the Great Ustyug (which became the birthplace of Santa Claus, largely due to the Moscow authorities) and Sevastopol.

Vladimir Chernikov also not forget about another function of the new Department of tourism. He plans to bring to Moscow more tourists, not only foreign citizens but also citizens of the Russian Federation.

Staff in the Department, which became part of the new Department, Chernikov reassured: "I don't plan to destroy everything that was done to me only to build a new world. All those who have successfully worked in the departments will continue to work on". Deputy Vladimir Chernikova will be the former head of the Department of tourism Sergey Shpilko.

Yury Artyukh (the former head of the Department of international cooperation, national policy and relations with religious organisations) will become adviser to the new leader.

Ivan Shubin, Vladimir Chernikov, the new office of Moscow, Department of national policy, interregional relations and tourism

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