The fire at the plant Nissan is localized

the fire at the plant Nissan

13 of February 2014 a fire occurred at the plant of Nissan. The fire was promptly detected and localized through the efforts of the fire service.

Official representative of Nissan has already given comments about the incident. He reported that the fire did not prevent the operation of the plant, no one had to evacuate because the fire occurred at the plant, and in the new territory, where only the construction of new capacity. The conveyor on manufacture of cars was not stopped even for a minute. Thus, the fire did not affect the activity of the plant.

Preliminary cause of fire is called the flashed gas gun. However, this version is not final, the data will still be verified and refined.

We will remind that the fire became known in 15:01 Moscow time. On the scene immediately headed for 11 vehicles and 49 personnel. For 9 minutes all were in place and immediately began to extinguish the fire.

The Ministry of emergency situations reports that the fire area was 20 m2. Burning addition to the stamping shop.

Recall that factory opened in 2009, it was built by Japanese specialists.

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