The chase in the style of GTA

chase in GTA style, the pursuit of the Snatchers, the chase in Moscow

Real Hollywood chase ended with one car bases in Moscow. The crooks have stolen from the car capital of the entrepreneur bag in which there were 1.5 million rubles.

For theft fraudsters faked a small accident and the subsequent traffic conflict, during which one of the crooks distracted the owner, the second was stolen from salon a bag with the specified amount. This all could end, but it was not there. The businessman rushed for the criminals in pursuit. He hastened to the aid of the eyewitness of incident.

Of course, the actions of the entrepreneur is far from the standards of the law, several times during the chase, he was subjected to great danger of others – during the chase, there have been several accidents, not to mention pedestrians, who several times almost hit.

The most interesting thing that inspired the chase, the entrepreneur noticed that the scammers threw away the bag. However, it should be noted that the criminals were detained, but only after it got in the way a patrol car of traffic police, which was transferred to the nearest post details of cars for detention.

Remember that if you noticed something suspicious next to his car became the victim of a car bases, immediately inform the law enforcement agencies. So the criminals will be caught faster. And yet, remember the rule, which we wrote about in a previous article, - keep car doors closed, do not expect that you will not touch it. Better safe than sorry, as they say, God protects.

Good luck on the roads!

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