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The Ebola epidemic gripping West Africa was declared an emergency of international importance. Experts of the world health organization believes that the Ebola outbreak is a threat to the health and lives of the population not only Africa but also other States.

The Ebola virus (or Ebola) is the common name of the genus Ebolavirus (family filovirus), causing hemorrhagic fever Ebola. The virus was identified near the river Ebola (Zaire) that gave the name to this virus. The mortality rate from this virus is very high, can reach 90%.


The symptoms characteristic of the Ebola virus:

- a sharp increase in temperature;

- weakness;

- headaches and muscle pain;

- pain in the throat.

It is also often accompanied by:

- vomiting;

- diarrhea;

- violation of the liver and kidneys;

- a rash.

In some cases there are internal and external bleeding.

How is the infection transmitted

The Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with blood, secretions and other fluids or organs of an infected person. Burial practices also contribute to the spread of infection. Rodents can also carry the infection.

The incubation period of the disease from 2 to 21 days.

How to treat the Ebola virus

Vaccines against Ebola and special treatment still does not exist. None of the companies involved in the pharmacological businesses, have invested in the development of a vaccine against Ebola, as the development of this vaccine does not promise big profits, because of the limited market.

A study on the development of a vaccine against Ebola was funded mainly by the National Institute of health and the Ministry of defense, which feared that this virus will be used to create biological weapons. Thanks to the funds of the Ministry of defense and the National institutes of health have developed several prototype vaccines that have been tested on animals.

Ebola 2014

The outbreak gripping West Africa, has disturbed the whole world. Several African countries have declared a state of emergency after the number of deaths from the disease have close to a thousand. State of emergency declared in Nigeria, the quarantine declared in several cities in Sierra Leone.

Fear has gripped the African continent. Death is out there somewhere – this phrase has become very relevant for Africa. On the streets it is possible to see a picture: a man goes quietly and suddenly falls and cannot get up. The first thing I will say in the crowd – Ebola and no one will approach the person, everyone is afraid to even approach the man.

So quickly the virus does not spread ever. About a thousand dead, about 2 thousand are infected – and this is only according to official figures.

People don't trust doctors or the government – this was one of the main reasons for this rapid spread of the virus. People do not report the first signs of the disease, and after the victims of Ebola are buried, in accordance with tradition, the entire community.

The world health organization recognized the spread of the virus an international threat. Almost daily reports of infected travellers with the virus. Suspected Ebola in the past week were hospitalized citizens of Canada, England, China and others. Fortunately, none of these cases was not confirmed.

Best virologists from around the world arrived in West Africa. One of the virologists reported that "when the right and, most importantly, timely treatment, the patient in principle can be removed from the world. Currently, however, very hard to get people to go to the doctors, people are afraid".

International airports of many countries have introduced special regimes of work. All passengers arriving from Africa, carefully check, measure the temperature. In Russia also developed special work. Special sensors continually monitor the status of the passengers. However, the Ministry of health claim that the probability that Ebola will reach our country is almost zero.

However, epidemiologists Russia prepared for any eventuality. Conducted several drills to the detection of an infected with the virus.

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