In the near future, NATO has no plans to accept Ukraine into its ranks

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27 of March. Barack Obama (US President) at a press conference after the summit the European Union-the United States said that in the near future, NATO has no plans to accept Ukraine into its ranks.

He said that Ukraine membership in NATO is not filed. The President expressed confidence that in the near future the situation will not change. Ukraine, like other countries, not members of NATO can count on the support of in political terms.

Barack Obama stressed that the United States refuses to assist Ukraine in rebuilding its economy, in the election. However, in terms of joining NATO, the Ukrainians themselves must come to this, no one to push them and be forced to join will not.

Ukraine and NATO

To the Verkhovna Rada for consideration on March 21, 2014 submitted a draft resolution "On Ukraine's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union". Made this document was Oleg Lyashko.

However, the same day Andrey Deshitsa (Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine) said that in the near future Ukraine's accession to NATO on the agenda is not worth it. The diplomat said that currently Ukraine is not ready to join NATO, nor NATO is ready to consider the candidacy of Ukraine.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk also expressed their uncertainty in the possible membership of Ukraine in NATO at the present time.

The cooperation between NATO and Ukraine

In late February, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the Alliance plans to continue to strengthen cooperation with Ukraine in the field of security. He said that NATO and Ukraine had always supported a strong and successful cooperation. About possible NATO intervention in Ukraine, he explained that the Alliance has no plans to invade neither to Ukraine, nor in any other country. He also expressed confidence that Russia respects the integrity of Ukraine, and NATO. Therefore any military intervention in the country is not required.

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