China will refund 11% of shopping tourists

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The Chinese government decided on the introduction of incentives for tourists, a similar tax free, which operate in some European countries. The resolution on this was issued by the Ministry of Finance of the PRC.

In the text of the resolution States that this measure has been approved for tax planning and tourism development.

This practice incentive is valid, for example, in Germany, where when you buy goods worth more than 29 Euro you can return 19% of its value at the airport, upon presentation of proof of purchase document, or to receive the funds upon his return to Russia.

In China it was decided to encourage the tourists who purchase goods in the Chinese shops, return 11% of total purchases. However, there is one condition: this compensation can be obtained only if all the shopping done in one store and their price is more than 500 yuan (about 80 USD). If the value of goods purchased will not exceed 10 thousand yuan, tourists can get tax refund either in cash or into a Bank account. If the total amount of purchases exceeds the specified level, then a refund will be available only to the Bank account.

China. benefits to tourists China is how to return VAT China, Obama likes porn video

This financial promotion is waiting for all tourists whose length of stay in the territory of China does not exceed 183 days. The documents must be issued within 90 days from the date of purchase. Such VAT refunds were previously operated for tourists visiting Hainan province. The minimum amount for VAT refund in Hainan – 800 yuan in a single store.

The VAT refund will apply to such purchases like shoes, clothes, electronics, furniture, medical instruments, watches, jewellery, cosmetics, sporting and stationery goods. Goods must be in original packaging. In those stores that sell goods intended for export and subject to the rules of VAT refund, will be placed special signs in English and Chinese.

To request a refund of the VAT to the tourist upon departure (ports, airports, land border crossings) will be required to present the identity document and a check for the purchase of a perfect.

For comparison, in Germany, along with the listed documents require to show the ticket (whether in paper or electronic form). However, in many airports, free Wi-Fi is missing, and if you have a printed ticket on hand will not appear, the money will not be returned. Tourists also complain that recently in Germany, another innovation: if you want to obtain a cash refund directly at the airport, then you have to pay for processing each check costs 3 euros (and a refund cheque may be only 2 euros). Fortunately, China has no plans to subject tourists to such torment.

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