Anyone can disable speed cameras

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27 of September. Anyone can easily connect to the rate fixing cameras installed on the Russian roads, and modify data from devices. To find the IP-addresses of the cameras is easy and does not need to access the password. This is stated in a study conducted experts "Kaspersky Lab".

Having access to the camera, anyone can learn the location of the camera (geographical data is not hidden and is not encrypted) and watch the video in the "online" mode, because the data stream is not encrypted.

According to the company's anti-virus expert Vladimir Dashchenko, in some cities, camera photo and video fixation rate only work on certain lanes, this feature can be turned off easily. Therefore, he said, the camera should be protected from direct access from the Internet.

The specialists of "Kaspersky Lab" argue that the web in open access can find tools that allow you to control the cameras photographic and video fixation.

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