A second explosion occurred in Bangkok


18 of August. Thai police reported the second explosion, which occurred in Bangkok. As a result of incident nobody has suffered.

The second explosion occurred on the ferry at the moment when no one was near the site of the explosion.

Senior police Sergeant Worapong Bounthavy said the wording of the "Political class" that an explosive device was thrown into the Chao Phraya river Prayv close to the busy Marina. "If the explosive device fell in water, he'd probably be the victims," he said.

Surveillance camera mounted on pier, recorded a surge of water poured passers-by.

Recall that on the eve in downtown Bangkok explosion capacity 5 kg TNT equivalent. As a result of accidents suffered, according to preliminary data, 27 people. During the inspection of the neighborhood, the police found two similar explosive devices. Employees of the Russian Embassy in Thailand announced that Russian citizens among the victims.

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