Twirled nuts: the new rules of inspection

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March 05. Car regulations have changed, and now the inspection will not be able to pass cars with studded tyres on all wheels, the problems can occur due to tuning and LPG equipment (HBO).

In mid-February 2018, amendments to the Rules for technical inspection of vehicles entered into force. According to the new requirements, motorists must have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and emergency stop sign. In addition, it is forbidden to use studded tires on all wheels and use the vehicle with the faulty power steering.

"Practice for installing studded tires only on the driving wheels is really very dangerous, - has told to the correspondent "the Political class" head defensive driving GT-Driving Denis Fomenko. – If the car is front wheel drive, the rear of the car will be inclined to slip, which is fraught with skidding. With regard to the power steering, problems can lead to a biting of the steering rack, which will lead to a sharp, unexpected increase in the efforts of the driver on the steering wheel."

The amendments also affected the GBO, which will be checked for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

rules of inspection, inspection 2018, inspection in a new way, the new rules of inspection, gas equipment for inspection

"The question is not in the certification – the equipment is naturally certified, as well as services for its installation, but to register a car with such equipment is not an easy task. Need expertise, which is complicated by the fact that experts do not know exactly what to write in conclusion. This procedure has not been elaborated since the Customs Union regulations were introduced. In addition, the regulations of the Customs Union contradicts the norms of the SDA, which clearly spelled out when the car with the LPG can be denied registration", - said the representative of the company "Rossgaz".

Fans of tuning will also have difficulties. Any changes made to the design of the vehicle must be documented. Under the ban were tinted and painted parts of optics and more.

Importantly! Now for entering into the design of vehicles of unauthorized changes the warning or imposing of the penalty of 500 rubles is provided. Also the staff of traffic police usually issue the instruction to bring the car to an initial state in 10-ti day time. In case of repeated detection of violation, punishment in the form of administrative arrest and cancellation of registration of the vehicle.

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