The families of the passengers of the missing Boeing will pay compensation

Boeing 777

26 of March. Attorney Robert Hedrick said that relatives of passengers of the missing Boeing shall be entitled to claim payment of up to $175 thousand for each passenger aircraft, EN route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Recall that the ill-fated Boeing disappeared from radar on March 08 this year. The plane belonged to the company "Malaysian airlines". On Board the airplane were 239 passengers and crew members. Hedrick explained that the airline will be obliged to pay compensation to the relatives even if the wreckage will never be found, and the cause of the accident will not be installed. To this conclusion the well-known lawyer came, after examining the Montreal Convention 1999.

On Monday 24 March with relatives of victims now have the right to file lawsuits. On Monday, Malaysian airlines has officially announced about the crash and disappearance of Boeing in the Indian ocean. Presumably the aircraft sank at the latitude of the roaring forties to the South-West coast of Australia.

In the area of 2.5 thousand km from Perth, began arriving search ships and aircraft. The Australian Maritime safety reported that the operation involved 7 military and 5 civilian planes, Navy ships Australia, as well as Chinese icebreaker "Suzlon".

However, remembering the history, we can conclude that the search at a depth of about 7 km can take many years. So, the Airbus that went missing in 2009 in the waters of the Atlantic, was discovered only in 2011.

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