How to get Gigi for steps

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July 23rd. Change steps to gigabytes of free Internet traffic.

How to exchange steps for gigabytes

On certain tariffs of mobile operator Beeline, you can connect absolutely free option, which, synchronizing with Samsung Health or Apple Health (Health), tracks the number of steps taken on the day.

When you complete 10,000 steps per day, you will receive 100 bonus megabytes. The bonus will be added to the main package of Internet traffic. The bonus will be credited the next day after reaching the goal, subject to a positive balance. At the end of the month, unspent bonus megabytes are reset. 100 bonus megabytes can be credited only 1 time per day.

When you receive bonuses, you will receive a PUSH notification from the "My Beeline" app.

If you have not completed 10,000 steps per day or your account balance is equal to or less than zero, the bonus is not credited.

Summarizing all the above, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • not all tariffs fall under the action (we will talk about the tariffs that are suitable for the action below);
  • you need to pass a day at least 10 000 steps;
  • the maximum amount of bonus traffic per month is 3 GB.

Terms of the action

The promotion will last until 30 September 2018.

Tariffs participating in the action «Gigi for steps»

  • «Everything»;
  • «The whole 1»;
  • «All things 2»;
  • «All 3»;
  • «The whole 4»;
  • «Quite All»;
  • «All 1 for tablet»;
  • «All 2 for tablet»;
  • «All 2 for the computer»;
  • «All 3 for the computer»;
  • «All for 1800 + roaming».

This promotion also applies to the "let's Talk" tariff, if you connect it in Beeline offices until August 31, 2018.

How to disable the service «Gigi for steps»

  • type the command 067412320;
  • go to the mobile app "My Beeline".
100 megabytes per day, in which there was a disconnection from the action, are not counted.

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