To obtain Russian citizenship will be easier

Russian citizenship, to receive Russian citizenship

In the State Duma a draft law to simplify obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation. The amendments will simplify the procedure of obtaining a residence permit and Russian citizenship for citizens of Ukraine recognized by Russian language speakers.

Currently, to obtain Russian citizenship, you must renounce the other nationality.

Moreover, in order to apply for a residence permit, you need to have a document confirming submission of an application to relinquish the current citizenship of another state.

At the same time, according to the Ukrainian laws, the procedure of the notification of renunciation of nationality (Ukrainian) is not provided. Obtaining mentioned references is impossible due to the failure to issue such a certificate to the Ukrainian authorities.

Thus, in the explanatory note to the bill stated, "the huge flows of foreign nationals in Russia with permanent residence, income, and often the family: children, parents, spouse, and linking their future only with Russia, without the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the Russian Federation or to become citizens after passing of procedure of recognition as a native Russian speaker".

The bill is intended to correct this legal injustice. The text of the bill You can find and read here - the Bill simplifies the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship

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