Russia was deprived of the gold medal of the Beijing Olympics

Olympics, team Russia, team Russia was deprived of the gold, the gold medal lost Russia

17 of August. The international Olympic Committee was deprived of the title of the Olympic Champions the Russian women's team, which won the 4x100m relay at the Games in Beijing. Cross-checking sample Russian runner Yulia Chermoshanskaya gave a positive result.

In an official statement on the website of the International Olympic Committee noted that in the analysis of Yulia Chermoshanskaya discovered the banned substance stanozolol and turinabol. Thus, the results at the Games in Beijing cancelled.

Julia appeared at the Games in the 200m, where he took 8th place, and was a member of relay teams (4x100 meters), which won the first place. Now, at the request of the International Olympic Committee, all girls, received at the Games in Beijing gold medal are required to return these awards and diplomas and memorable badges.

Olympics, team Russia, team Russia was deprived of the gold, the gold medal lost Russia

In that race, except Chermoshanskaya participated: Alexander Fedoriva, Yulia Gushchina and Yevgeniya Polyakova. They won with the best result of the season – 42,31. Now their medals will go to begonia from Belgium, who took second place. Silver goes to team Nigeria, Bronze - Brazil.

In the message the International Olympic Committee it is noted that the doping samples of the athletes who participated in the Olympics in London and Beijing, was checked with the help of new modern techniques, allowing to better detect banned substances.

By the way, the samples that were taken from athletes at the Olympics in Rio, will be kept for 10 years. And at any moment they can be rechecked.

Author: Artem Grigorov

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