Over it the whole world laughing or “jester” in American (video)

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The statements of Jen Psaki (official representative of US state Department) give rise to jokes around the world. Jen recently quoted t discuss everyone who has ever heard her statement.

The reason for such a violent reaction to the public were not frequently changing outfits or intensive women, and statements, Jen Psaki makes to the press. Each of her statements causing a stir.

What about her saying that Victoria Nuland curses, because in his youth ruined it Russian sailors. All briefings dismantled for quotes, the main idea of which is: "I know nothing, understand nothing, but in everything exactly Russia is to blame".

The Internet is replete with anecdotes from the series "As stated by Psak". For example: "if Belarus would invade Ukraine, the U.S. fleet will be immediately thrown to coast of Belarus. The fact that Belarus has no coast, the U.S. state Department not to bother".

Biography Jen Psaki

Born Jennifer Rene Psaki in 1978 in Connecticut. He graduated from a private College, became bachelor of philosophy. In 2001, the year Jen came to the Democratic party of the United States. In 2013 moved to the Department of State.

Topics that affect Jen briefings, is very extensive. The number affects the quality. As it turned out, Jen's not even go into the lyrics that give her assistants. For example, at one of the briefings there was a curious case.

Jen suggested that the state Department does not recognize the results of the referendum held in Lugansk and Donetsk. "There were reports of elected carousels, pre-filled ballots on voting and voting for the missing".

The correspondent AssociatedPressзадал logical question: "And what is "selected carousel?". What Jen said that just reads the text and doesn't know what the "electoral carousel". Favorite phrases are Jen: "let's get back to that later" and "I need to clarify".

Awkward questions Jen just tries to ignore. For example, the question of the journalist Committed: "Is it a coincidence the fact that the Ukrainian government has twice sent troops into South-Eastern Ukraine after the visit of high-ranking officials of the United States? The first time a senior representative was John Brennan, a second time – Joe Biden. Biden advised to do so, or is this a coincidence?"

Jen replied: "I think You just repeat the words of Lavrova". On a counter question of the journalist, and what is still her answer. Jen demanded to voice her next question.

However, not only journalists put Jen in an awkward position, but also the state Department. An example of this is the pictures of bearded men dressed in camo that Washington found on the Internet and put in evidence the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine.

Reporters could not miss that fact and, at one of the briefings, asked Jane Psaki, a logical question: "why are you so certain that these pictures have some relation to the Russian military?".

Jane and this time surprised everyone with his answer: "These pictures went around to all the media were on Twitter, and are currently in the public domain. The pictures we see of people who are external evidence is obviously relevant to Russia".

Journalists were astounded by these findings and asked another question: "don't want you to say that the U.S. government now depend on photos posted on the Internet? And this is with all the power of American intelligence".

Jen has this question answered, what conclusions everyone can draw.

Foreigners laugh at the phrases of the official representative of the U.S. state Department. Leading one of the comic shows America joked: "Bearded fat man that's all your evidence? Yes in Eastern Europe, almost all of these! Yes it looks like nearly every guy in the world!"

Analysts, analyzing the situation, talk about obvious personnel hunger in the U.S. state Department. They also note that experts in Russia are especially lacking in the U.S. state Department. All young professionals prefer to focus on the Arab or the Chinese direction. So the U.S. and is such ill-conceived policy toward Russia, simply no one to think about the prospects of countries.

Since 1983 the budget of the Department of state provided the cost of training advisors in the USSR. Gradually, however, the emphasis in global politics has shifted. Eventually, last year, this cost was eliminated.

Some sensational performances Jen Psaki, you can look at the video below.

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