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An overview of the shares of the companies in the sector...

At the end of 2018, the metallurgy and production sector lost the growth rate of revenue to the oil and gas sector....
technical analysis, Dow theory, technical analysis theory, theory of technical analysis, basics of technical analysis

Technical analysis of financial markets: basics

Technical analysis of financial markets can be used by both beginners and professional traders. At the beginning of the article we will...
shares, investments, dividends, dividends on shares, dividend shares, Russian companies with dividends

Which Russian companies pay dividends more often than once a year

Cash-flow-oriented investors value dividend shares. Especially appreciated are the shares of those companies that pay dividends more than once a year. Unfortunately,...
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How to open an individual investment account

How to open an individual investment account in 2019? Many prominent investors have repeatedly spoken about the benefits of long-term investments. Thus, Warren...
mortgage, is it possible to buy an apartment without a mortgage, buying an apartment without a mortgage 2019, mortgage in 2019, how to save up for an apartment, whether to take a mortgage, mortgage or rent

How to buy an apartment without a mortgage

Can I buy a house without a mortgage in 2019? What are the alternatives if you do not want to take a...
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