правила перевозки детей, правила перевозки детей 2017, правила перевозки детей ПДД, изменения в правилах перевозки детей, горизонтальная разметка понятие новое, перевозка детей, перевозка детей в автомобиле, перевозка детей с 1, перевозка детей с июля 2017, перевозка детей в автомобиле ПДД

Правила перевозки детей и другие изменения ПДД с 12 июля 2017...

06 июля. Глава правительства Дмитрий Медведев подписал поправки в Правила дорожного движения, касающиеся перевозки детей. Этот документ был опубликован на портале правовой информации и...

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the cost of housing in Russia, how much is a house in Russia, the average cost of housing approved in Russia, where the most expensive housing in Russia, where the cheapest housing in Russia, of which the cost of housing is calculated grant preferential categories of citizens

How much does a house in Russia

September 30th. The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Russia approved the...
limitation of oil production, freezing oil, OPEC agreement, rising oil prices and the strengthening of the ruble, falling dollar, the depreciation of the euro, as agreed by OPEC countries in 2016 year

OPEC countries agreed to freeze oil

29 of September. On the eve of the country of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting...
payment order, the payment order on payment of tax, payment system for payment of contribution, payment of insurance premiums, filling out a payment order in 2017, a change of filling of payment order in 2017, the payment order for the payment of contributions 2017

The Ministry of Finance changes rules of registration of payment orders

06 of September. From 1 of January 2017, companies and individual entrepreneurs will be required...


medical services to unemployed citizens, the bill, major changes to the public, non-working paid medical services, paid medical services for disabled citizens

Does not work, then do not pain

29 of September. Ministry of Labour is preparing a "law on parasitism". Officially unemployed people...
The size of unemployment benefits in 2017, unemployment, unemployment benefit, the size of unemployment benefits in 2017

The size of unemployment benefits in 2017

29 of September. Citizens of the Russian Federation, officially recognized as the unemployed will receive...
Olympiad for schoolchildren, Competition for admission to the university, the benefits for admission to the university,, Olympics the first category, the second category of Competition, Competition of the third category, the Olympics for free admission vvuzov

The list of contests that give incentives to universities

28 of September. "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published a list of the Olympiad, which conduct high schools,...


Dmitry Zakharchenko, new details Zakharchenko affairs Zakharchenko found the money in the car, Dmitry Zakharchenko new details of the case against Dmitry Zakharchenko

New details of the case Zakharchenko

28 of September. On the eve of the Moscow City Court upheld the arrest of...
crashed Mi-8 helicopter, the helicopter fell in the suburbs, the helicopter of EMERCOM of Russia crashed, the helicopter crashed in the suburbs

In the Moscow region crashed helicopter Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia

22 of September. During a training flight in the Moscow region crashed helicopter Mi-8 of...
flood Primorye, floods in Primorsky region, flooding in Primorye, flooding in the Primorsky territory remain flooded village in Primorsky Krai, Primorye flood 2016

The water level in the rivers of Primorye reduced

12 of September. Weather in Primorsky region is gradually returning to normal, the impact of...

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bonus, thirteenth salary, the order of payment of the thirteenth salary after October 3, the changes in labour legislation 3 October 2016, changes to the Labour code of October 3, that will change October 3, 2016

And the prize will be then

22 of September. Many Russians will receive a thirteenth salary (or the award by the...
Jolie and pitt are getting a divorce, the divorce of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, children of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt

Jolie and pitt divorce

21 of September. News about the upcoming divorce of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie became...
to save money on travel how to save on travel, economy travel, economy travel, travel dreams, holiday dreams, how to save money on vacation, budget vacation, Twitter, save with the help of Twitter hashtags, #budget travel #savings in the journey

How to save money on the travel using Twitter

13 of August. Continuing the holidays and while some tourists are packing their bags, others...
car rental, hourly car rental, car rental, short term rental, car sharing

A new kind of earnings for drivers

12 of August. Russian motorists have found a new way of earning money, they rent...
India roads, traffic rules in India, how to travel in India

On the roads of India

Decided to relax in India? Then leave your driving license at home – you don't...
hybrid cars, the battery of the Prius, the laws of operation of hybrid cars

The laws of operation of hybrids

Begin a series of articles about hybrid cars. More and more often on the roads of...
проблема с беженцами, помощь беженцам, беженцы из Украины

Heavy burden of hospitality

How to help Ukrainian refugees settle in Russia. When in the news there are reports that...
video, an unusual way of dealing with pits as fight pits on the roads, potholes

An unusual way of dealing with pits

Fight pits on the roads can be different: infinitely to increase funding, not controlling the...
fraudsters on the road, road bases, hit a pedestrian, disguised cheaters, fraud on the roads, the crooks on the roads, road bases

Scammers on the road

Almost any driver can tell you some horror stories about the road scams that happened...



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