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Calculation of CTP in a new way since this summer

May 24. Already in the summer of 2018, the tariff corridor for CTP will change, the coefficient on the age and experience of the...
evroprotokol, the design of the Euro Protocol, when to issue a European accident report, design rules for the Euro Protocol, europrotocol 2018, the limit of payments on the Euro Protocol

Evroprotokol new

May 24. From June 1, 2018, the rules of registration of the accident on the Europrotocol will change. From this date, for registration of...
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Car loan market

May 16. In the midst of the crisis, the state supported the car loan market with all its might, which allowed this market not...
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Rising prices for gasoline: motorists are indignant, politicians are bred

April 18th. Wholesale fuel prices continue to beat records. Soon retail will react to this growth, having increased price lists at the gas station....
rules of inspection, inspection 2018, inspection in a new way, the new rules of inspection, gas equipment for inspection

Twirled nuts: the new rules of inspection

March 05. Car regulations have changed, and now the inspection will not be able to pass cars with studded tyres on all wheels, the...
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Tesla Premium Contestant

January 15. At the International Exhibition of Consumer Electronics CES-2018, held in Las Vegas, the automobile company Fisker presented to the world two of...
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Parking in yards will be charged

08 January. The new law will create zones for toll parking in the local areas. The noise bill "On the Organization of Road Traffic...
new road signs, changes to 2017, PDD 2018, preliminary national standard, metal arrow at the crossroads

New road signs

December 13th. On the eve of the "Preliminary national standard" on road signs came into force. According to him, new road signs may appear...
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Drivers will be divided into amateurs and professionals

November 25. An interesting bill was proposed by the Ministry of Transport of Russia. Drivers are invited to be divided into amateurs and professionals,...
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Tesla unmanned truck

23 November. Tesla introduced an unmanned electric truck, which is driven by four electric motors mounted on the rear wheels of the car. The...
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