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Summary of incidents, traffic accidents Rostov-on-Don, Moscow road accident, accident Kutuzovsky Prospekt, accident 04/10/2015, an accident in October 2015, an accident Kazan

The worst weekend

5 of October. Several high-profile accidents occurred over the weekend. One such high-profile accidents occurred on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, a result of an accident killed...
Typhoon GONI, Typhoon Goni, Primorye covered cyclone, cyclone on the coast of Primorye, ATSANI Typhoon, Typhoon ADANI

For tourists staying in the Primorye territory, I advise you urgently...

25 of August. On the coast of the sea of Japan two approaching powerful Typhoon “GONI” and “ATSANI”. According to the meteorologist, the residents...
transfer Revizorro, crew Revizorro beat

Criminal case upon beating of the operators of «Revizorro»

12 of August. The investigating authorities opened a criminal case on the fact of obstructing the activities of the crew of "revizorro" in Salekhard...
accident with participation of buses, accidents, Khabarovsk Krai, two buses collided, the accident route, accident on the highway Khabarovsk - Komsomolsk

Death race

05 of August. Day (15 hours local time) on 125-kilometer route Khabarovsk – Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the lake Gussie, faced two passenger buses 301 and...
The Boeing 777, the wreckage of the missing Boeing found the wreckage of the Boeing

The detection chip of the missing «Boeing»

The long-awaited discovery was made by cleaners of a beach of reunion island in the Indian ocean. They are found off the coast of...
chase in GTA style, the pursuit of the Snatchers, the chase in Moscow

The chase in the style of GTA

Real Hollywood chase ended with one car bases in Moscow. The crooks have stolen from the car capital of the entrepreneur bag in which...
Accident in the Krasnoyarsk region, killing people, accidents, accident Krasnoyarsk Krai, the accident bus and truck

Road accident in Krasnoyarsk region

22 of July 2015 in the morning at 701-m kilometer of the highway "Baikal" near the village of Shishkovo (Krasnoyarsk region) facing the truck...
Chan-Hom, Typhoon Chan-Hom, Khabarovsk Chan-Hom, Khabarovsk flooded trees

Typhoon Chan-Hom filled up with trees Khabarovsk

14 of July. Typhoon Chan-Hom", which came in Khabarovsk Krai on July 13, unleashed on the region by heavy rains and wind storm. Hardest...
Accident Balakhtinsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai accident, two buses collided, the tragedy in Krasnoyarsk region

The tragedy in Krasnoyarsk region

10 of July. In Krasnoyarsk region declared mourning for the victims of the terrible tragedy that occurred on 9 June 2015 in Balahtinskoj district....
flooding in Sochi, the Sochi flood in, flood in Sochi in 2015, the flood in Sochi in 2015, the flood of June 2015 Sochi, Sochi deluge 2015, deluge Sochi June 25, 2015, flooding in Sochi on 25 June 2015, the flood in Sochi photo video

Flood in Sochi on 25 of June 2015 (photo)

In Sochi, due to heavy rains declared a state of emergency. The downpour that hit the city on the evening of 24 of June,...
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